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      He hesitated a moment, remembering that riding double was scarcely a proper mode of progress for a great lady; then he took her in his arms and swung her behind him.He listened without a word, until the statement was finished. Then he rose, a little pale, but otherwise apparently unmovedfor the Belfayres did not wear their hearts upon their sleevesand saying, Thank you very much, Mr. Helby; I know how much we are indebted to you for your devotion, your close and anxious attention to our affairs. I will consider what youve said, he pressed Mr. Helbys hand and left the room.

      This repetition of the offense was too much for Taffy, and he lurched on to the speaker and gripped him by the arm.

      His face flushed, then went white.

      The man offered no resistance, for he had heard of Esmeralda; and if he had not, there was something in her flashing eyes, and her lips, set resolutely, which would have inspired him with a wholesome fear.

      No, said Esmeralda. You didnt tell me, Varley. What was it?


      And leave Varley? she said. No; I must be there to give myself up. Oh, dont talk, dont argue! He may be riding to his death at this very moment! Come, I know the way; and in a frenzy of love and terror she struck her tired horse into a gallop.You see! exclaimed the duke, triumphantly; and he patted her shoulder approvingly.